Salina Area Youth Sportsmanship Initiative

 "Play a Good Game, Be a Good Sport!"

Over a decade ago, we heard some common concerns expresed by many teams, parents, coaches, league organizers and officials that there was a need to place a greater emphasis on sporsmanship and resepect within the youth sports and activities held in our community.

In November of 2001, members from the local youth sports providers, coaches, parents and business partners came together to help form a board of directors that would help develop and plan future activities.

From 2002-2003 those members attended workshops to learn about different programs that would assist in bringing the necessary change to the community.  The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) has been a great resource ever since its inception.  In May of 2003, SAYSI and the Salina Parks and Recreation department formed a partnership with NAYS to become the first community in Kansas to implement the "Time Out" Campaign.

Early in 2004, SAYSI was incorporated with a nine member board of directors.  The board was made up of members from the YMCA and Parks and Recreation departments. 

As the years have gone by, the organizations goals have stayed the same and they are to continue to promote sportsmanship and encourage everyone involved to set great examples for the youth of today so they can create a better game for the future.

1.  We present educational clinics for parents, coaches and officals to help educate everyone on how good sportsmanship applies to all sports.

2. We teach kids to be humble winners and gracious losers.  Both aspects should be a learning experience for all involved.


3. WE provide fun projects and events such as "Take me Out to the Ballpark", our annual baseball and softball tournaments, and our Sportsmanship Awards night. 


4. Along with parent and coaches certifications, we also strongly emphasize the Code of Ethics pledge for all to adhere to.


5. We show how teaching good character and resepect can have a resounding effect on the community.

Our Mission:

The Salina Area Youth Sportsmanship Initiative (SAYSI) has been organized to promote comprehensive sportsmanship programs for all youth sports in the community.  In conjunction with local youth sports providers, continuing education is being provided for parents, coaches, officials and all youth participants.  Coaches, parents and teams will be recognized and rewarded for fostering good sportsmanship at all age levels.  The overall objective of the organization is to show how important sportsmanship is at the youth sports level and to make it contagious enough to have a positive impact on all community activities. 



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